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Authority & Identity in the Internet Age

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Here’s my tweeted super-brief summary of Jeff Jarvis’ Buzz Machine article “e-G8: A discussion about sovereignty” (see tweeted links below), which presents his exploration as to what extent the Internet can change not only traditional loyalties and identities, but the very nature of how authority can be applied by governments in the first place. While the jury is still out on what direction and form this “new” authority will take, it’s certainly worth noting, especially now that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has apparently taken a keen interest in the issue.

[1/5] Liked @JeffJarvis’ description of the Internet as disruptor of authority. http://bit.ly/kHRBT1

[2/5] Can the Internet serve as a counterweight to power & authority of gov’t? http://bit.ly/kHRBT1

[3/5] The question as to who has sovereignty over the Internet is still being debated. http://bit.ly/kHRBT1

[4/5] To what extent does the Internet undercut traditional loyalties? http://bit.ly/kHRBT1

[5/5] Is Internet really akin to 8th continent? Are we dual-citizens of countries & the ‘Net? http://bit.ly/kHRBT1


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